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Distraction as a Service

Published: 2017-03-25
Last Updated: 2017-03-25 12:02:56 UTC
by Russell Eubanks (Version: 1)
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Have you noticed that some security projects never seem to get finished? Despite the best of intentions, often times they linger, sometimes for years. I believe that distractions play a role in security projects being delayed and ultimately never being completed. If not monitored closely, nothing will get moved from the to do list to the this security project is finally done list.
For me, it has always been natural to accept every new project that needs attention. I want to be helpful and perceived as a good team player and I bet you do as well. I found that it is easier to say yes to every request for help than to say no. I suspect that "why yes I do have a minute" and "of course I can help you with that problem” sound very familiar. I have found this behavior can also carry potential for a negative reputation as an information security professional when it impacts the delivery of security projects.
While it is normal to want to help, it is not always natural to remain focused immediately after a distraction occurs. I have determined to ask the question "what is the next action I can take right now?” immediately after a distraction. I found this behavior helpful to remain both mission focused and results oriented. With some intentional discipline and focus on the impact of distractions on security projects, the impact of unplanned distractions can be minimized.
It is impossible to enumerate all of the ways distractions can impact a security project. It is very possible to more quickly recognize them when they occur and put measures in place to reduce the impact of distractions severely impacting productivity. Are distractions keeping you from closing out projects and ultimately preventing you from providing full value to your organization?
Please leave what works in the comments section below.
Russell Eubanks
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