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Firefox patches; MS DoSed my Grandma; MS05-019 Exploit published

Published: 2005-04-17
Last Updated: 2005-04-17 20:56:28 UTC
by Kevin Liston (Version: 1)
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Recent Firefox patches

Firefox 1.0.3 was released Friday (well, that's when I installed it.) On Saturday, two proof-of-concept examples were released. The little green update button in Firefox is your friend.

Microsoft DoSed my Grandma!

Everybody feels a little pain on Microsoft Tuesday: the Security Intelligence folks rushing to release targeted advisories, the System Administrators struggling with the if/when to patch problem, the Security Researchers rushing to publish Proof-of-concept code, the Snort-heads rushing to develop signatures, and plenty of others that I'm missing. But let's not forget the poor dial-up users attempting to keep up with the security arms-race. I called to check in on my "grandma" this week and she complained that all of a sudden should couldn't surf the web or download her email. "Everything is timing out, or server's aren't available," was the reported symptom. "Am I infected again?" she worried aloud. It turned out to be her machine pulling down the patches. I told her to leave it logged in while she's watching her television programs and it would all work out. Take two patches and call me in the morning.

MS05-019 Proof of concept released

Numerous intelligence services are reporting (and in some cases publishing) proof of concept code for MS05-019. MS05-019 is the TCP/IP stack issue with ICMP. On other platforms, it can result in a Denial of Service. On Microsoft, it is reported to also allow execution of code. Fortunately, the Proof of concept is only a Denial of Service.


Kevin Liston

kliston at isc dot sans dot org
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