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SANS ISC: Internet Storm Center Diary 2007-11-19 InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog

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The Holidays Cometh

Published: 2007-11-19
Last Updated: 2007-11-19 20:53:42 UTC
by George Bakos (Version: 1)
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Robert posed a question to the handlers that I think everyone should weigh in on :

"It is becoming time for the holidays. That means geeks spending time with families. That means geeks need to pack tools for malware cleanup. Do you guys have a CD list of tools and or procedures? This might be worth making a post about."

Being somewhat cloistered in my job, and having a couple of young advocates at home (my 14 y.o. installed her own stripped-down *nix on her laptop, the 11 y.o. asked for help with his) I don't get to stay on top of the latest Windows and Mac malware detect/remove/recover tools. As a result, while my personal faves are useful to me, they'll no doubt seem too slow/dumb/technical/esoteric/2004 for others.

What is in your holiday jump bag? Let us know at and we'll post the most popular response essentials.


1 comment(s)
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