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ISC Stormcast For Friday, September 9th 2016

Curious SNMP Traffic Spike

Published: 2016-09-08
Last Updated: 2016-09-08 18:40:02 UTC
by Kevin Shortt (Version: 1)
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It could be nothing.  It could be something.

The ISC HoneyPot has been showing some port 161 traffic.

12:08:27.874575 IP x.x.x.x.12458 > y.y.y.y.161: GetRequest(28) .
12:09:10.952260 IP z.z.z.z.12458 > a.a.a.a.161: GetRequest(28) .

12:09:52.802179 IP b.b.b.b.12458 > c.c.c.c.161: GetRequest(28) .

So I did some poking around, read some articles [1]   and found some simlarities, etc.  No real testing per se yet.  Then after yesterday's data was collected, the ISC port data showed a curious correlation.   So I am turning to our readers.  Can any of you offer any corroborating data or anecdotes.    The pic [3]   below shows a triple in sources on Aug 11 near the time when some of the recent Cisco vulnerabilities became well known. [2]    Then a similar spike yesterday.   The numbers do not entirely warrant a deep dive, however, knowing about the events surrounding port 161 from Aug 13 (or near there), there could be something to it.


​Please leave a comment if you see anything that correlates in your travels.


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7 comment(s)
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