What is happening on 2323/TCP?

Published: 2016-10-07
Last Updated: 2016-10-07 03:04:30 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 1)
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A number of sources, including DShield, have noticed an uptick on port 2323 TCP beginning around 3 weeks ago.

This is the scanner portion of the Mirai botnet scanning for IoT devices on both 23/TCP and 2323/TCP.   There are a number of IoT devices that use port 2323/TCP as an alternate port for Telnet.  Those who have setup listeners on port 2323 are seeing brute force credential attacks utilizing a small dictionary.

The Mirai botnet iwas used to attempt to DDOS Brian Krebs website i and ifor the nearly 1 Tbps DDOS against OVH in late September


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2 comment(s)


I was just wondering about this very thing a couple of hours ago when I was looking through my firewall logs.
Yes, I have been seeing a lot of this in some various logs as well. Thanks for your post.

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