Adobe Reader 9.3.3/8.2.3 addressing CVE-2010-1297

Published: 2010-06-29
Last Updated: 2010-06-29 23:08:32 UTC
by donald smith (Version: 1)
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Adobe has released the update they promised earlier this month for Reader and Acrobat (flash player code execution).
It addresses the following vulnerabilities including the recently announced CVE-2010-1297 :
CVE-2010-1240, CVE-2010-1285, CVE-2010-1295, CVE-2010-1297, CVE-2010-2168, CVE-2010-2201, CVE-2010-2202,
CVE-2010-2203, CVE-2010-2204, CVE-2010-2205, CVE-2010-2206, CVE-2010-2207, CVE-2010-2208, CVE-2010-2209,
CVE-2010-2210, CVE-2010-2211, CVE-2010-2212

The new version  is 9.3.3 and the Security Bulletin is here:

More details can be found at:

don smith

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Unfortunately the /Launch vulnerability is not properly mitigated:

It's likely that the many/all of the other patched vulnerabilities are completely resolved, however, so it is still advisable to patch.

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