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Published: 2005-11-18
Last Updated: 2005-11-18 17:09:44 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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We received an email today from someone that is upset with a item that was covered in a previous diary. The email address that was sent was more than likely not legitimate.  It was also indicated that we could not use the information contained in the email for the diary or use the individuals name.  In a case like this it is very hard for us to respond to or comment on the content of the email.  This particular email contained a link to a web site that may contain good information.  However, call me paranoid, but if I don't know who really sent me the link - I am not going to click on it.  Therefore, the content of the website will remain a mystery to me.

Bottom line - if you want me - Handler Deb to look at the information you provide - you need to be upfront with me.  If you want me to take you seriously then provide me with a path to respond. Otherwise, I will consider you just another crackpot or complainer and disregard the information. I can guarantee you that information sent to and corresponse received by the Handlers is kept in confidence. We do not publish the information or the name in the diary unless we have your permission to do so.  We do not take criticism personally and are always open to receive new information on a subject that we have previously covered. So if you are concerned with being chastised or ridiculed because of your opinion, rest assured we won't do that.  So if you want us (Me) to take you seriously, be upfront with me.

I am only one of 40+ handlers, and this is solely my opinion.  If you disagree with this information it is me you are disagreeing with.  That is fine, let me know.  If  you want to correspond with me offline - let me know and I will be happy to do that  as well.
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