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Help with odd port scans

Published: 2010-11-24
Last Updated: 2010-11-24 22:58:41 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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I have to admit, I've gotten a little lazy about reading through my firewall logs on my home machine every day, but today, I was looking back through my daily reports for the last 2 weeks and noticed a couple of odd port scans.  I've been getting these scans from multiple IPs (2-4 of each per day) everyday for that period.  I'll put up a netcat listener this evening to see if I can get some packets, but I was wondering if any of our loyal readers had any idea what is going on here?  Based on some of the ports being scanned, I'm guessing they are looking for open proxies to use as relays among other things, but some of those ports are new to me.  Has anyone else seen them or know what they are actually looking for?

    From - 252 packets
       To my.home.machine - 252 packets
          Service: snmp (udp/161) (IPTABLES UDP-IN:) - 36 packets
          Service: 3389 (tcp/3389) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 54 packets
          Service: 5900 (tcp/5900) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 54 packets
          Service: http-alt (tcp/8080) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 54 packets
          Service: 40080 (tcp/40080) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 54 packets

    From - 32 packets
       To my.home.machine - 32 packets
          Service: 73 (tcp/73) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 1 packet
          Service: socks (tcp/1080) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 1 packet
          Service: 2301 (tcp/2301) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 1 packet
          Service: 2479 (tcp/2479) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets
          Service: 3128 (tcp/3128) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets
          Service: 3246 (tcp/3246) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 3 packets
          Service: 6588 (tcp/6588) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 1 packet
          Service: 8000 (tcp/8000) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets
          Service: 8085 (tcp/8085) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 4 packets
          Service: 8090 (tcp/8090) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets
          Service: 8118 (tcp/8118) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 1 packet
          Service: 9000 (tcp/9000) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 4 packets
          Service: 9090 (tcp/9090) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 4 packets
          Service: 9415 (tcp/9415) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets
          Service: 27977 (tcp/27977) (IPTABLES TCP-IN:) - 2 packets

Jim Clausing, GSE #26
jclausing --at-- isc [dot] sans (dot) org

Keywords: port scan
14 comment(s)
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