Microsoft revoking trust in Microsoft certificates - SA 2728973

Published: 2012-07-10
Last Updated: 2012-07-10 22:04:01 UTC
by Swa Frantzen (Version: 1)
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Microsoft Security Advisory 2728973 announces that Microsoft is revoking trust in a number of Microsoft certificates. A list of 28 Microsoft intermediate certificates are placed on an untrusted list.


The updat eis cumulative in that it also places previously problematic certificates in the untrusted store.

Swa Frantzen -- Section 66

1 comment(s)


Note that the update is not 100% cumulative for Windows XP/2003. Previous versions of the revocation update also included an update to crypt32.dll that "include[d] the functionality to remove trust of non-leaf certificates". So you need to install one of the previous revocation updates listed plus the one released on Tuesday. If you have already installed one of the previous ones, however, the new one is nice in that it no longer requires a reboot on XP/2003 since it is no longer updating a DLL. Also, the new one is considerably smaller for the same reason (158 KB vs 775 KB). Just make sure you leave one of the old ones in place in your build process in addition to the latest one.

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