Wilma Lessons Learned

Published: 2005-11-23
Last Updated: 2005-11-23 15:27:12 UTC
by Marcus Sachs (Version: 1)
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A reader who wishes to remain anonymous wanted to share his lessons learned following Hurricane Wilma that struck his area a few weeks ago.  These are good tips for emergency preparations prior to any event.  For those who have been through SANS Security 504 (the "Hacker Track" as some call it) this should be very familiar advice.

1.  Have a plan!  Not just in writing but actually test it.  Both business recovery plans and employee recovery plans.  No one knew who to call. Who do people report to after the storm, have a meshed human contact network for your employees. Rehearse the plan. Plan point of contacts. Roll call after storm.

2.  Prior to storm arrival:
- Have all important information on paper: circuit ids, fax and telco lines, vendor/support tel#s, support contracts
- Charge cell phones, cars (company and employees)
- Fill up all generators and their backup tanks
- Make hotel reservations, nearest town outside cone. 
- Find a possible hot-site for a temporary office.
- Allow employees to recover at home, don't endanger more lives.
- Request volunteers to travel prior to hurricane.
- Have keys to buildings and offices that use card access.

3.  During and after the storm:
- Count on a power outage and generator to fail.  Have alternate plan to rent a generator.  Our generator blew a fuse and never started. Buy a portable generator and lots of gas cans as a backup to the backup.
- While power is being restored expect numerous "brown-outs" that could damage equipment.
- Inspect building for roof leaks.
- Design network so that the disaster site is completely independent of affected site.
- Pots as well as cellular traffic will be unreliable.

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