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Internet data security- very important

As posting data to internet sites and broadcasting data is getting more and more easier nowadays, it has a very malicious face too, concept personal data security is getting more and more relevent. A person should have a power to manage/remove data from internet if the data is classified as his private(with moderation). At one hand internet is providing independence to post data but is not providing independence to remove personal data, A thing need to be taken into consideration? What say?


Yes. Right. I recently read the article on POODLE Attack

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This is a very interesting take on how information is being shared around the web nowadays. It's now become so much easier to tell people what's happening every second of your life and share to others your most private information. Maybe it's also a matter of being cautious here and there? There may be instances where we can't control things but as much as possible, think before you click. INOC

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Quoting DennyTrend:Yes. Right. I recently read the article on POODLE Attack

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