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SANS ISC: Outbound 6000/TCP traffic to multiple Chinese IPs? SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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Outbound 6000/TCP traffic to multiple Chinese IPs?
I have seen traffic over port 6000/TCP to multiple Chinese IPs. Is this a malware communication or an application traffic? SniffingShadow

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I'd definitely be concerned about it, especially if the systems the traffic is coming from are unix/linux. It could be X11 traffic - someone running an app on your system with the GUI sent back to those IPs in China.

You could probably confirm whether or not it was X11 with a sniffer if you've got tcpdump or snort or wireshark on the systems (or on a system using a span/mirror port on your switch)...

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That's not a Unix/Linux box.Its windows vista. Is it a concern? SniffingShadow

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If you don't know what it is, yes, it's a big concern. Anonymous

6000 is the default port for http traffic for IBM synology DSM's running more than one instance. It defaults to the following:





Recently, since october 2013, there has been alot of exploit development on these boxes, 4-5 have been published. In fact as I'm writing this, a new remote code execution was published for it.

If you search the metasploit/rapid7 modules, you'll find there is a scanner for this as well as a full fledged exploit. You're probably being scanned on port 5000,5001,6000,6001, etc. just to see if it's a synology DSM running 4.3. My buddy was running multiple instances of 4.3 and got popped recently.

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