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1 day ago Medical device cybersecurity will be rubbish for 20 more years

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Good cybersecurity guidelines are being published, but slow development and approval processes, and long service lives, will guarantee chronic problems.

1 day ago Facebook Announces 2019 Internet Defense Prize Winners

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Facebook has announced the 2019 winners of the Internet Defense Prize, an award offered in partnership with USENIX.

Created in 2014, the award is meant to recognize and reward research that meaningfully makes the Internet more secure. The goal is to reward ideas that go beyond theory and which can be adopted to protect people in practice.

1 day ago 30+ countries, 160,000 emails, $4.2m in cyber-heists… maybe it's time for the Silence hacker crew to change its name

The Register View Synopsis+1
Russian bank-hacking ring continues its global expansion

The rapidly growing hacking crew dubbed Silence, has - in less than three years - gone from ransacking small regional banks in Eastern Europe to stealing millions from some of the largest international banks.…

22 hours ago Stuff like sophisticated government spyware is scary and all - but don't forget, a single .wmv file can pwn you via VLC

The Register View Synopsis+1
Keep your media player, like other apps, up to date: 13 security flaws fixed

VideoLAN has issued an update to address a baker's dozen of CVE-listed security vulnerabilities in its widely used VLC player software.…

Top News

1 day ago Designing a Behavior-Centric Security Plan

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Organizations looking to implement behavior-centric security must set clear goals for the business outcomes, says David Coffey, senior vice president of engineering at Forcepoint, who offers tips.

1 day ago Adult website data leak connected private users to content uploads

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
An open database provided full access to user emails and the content they uploaded, liked, and shared.

1 day ago Huawei goes all <i>Art of War</i> on us: Switches on 'battle mode' and vows to 'dominate the world'

The Register View Synopsis+1
You listening, Trump?

An internal memo to Huawei staff sent by boss Ren Zhengfei is long on military metaphors and warns that the company needs to go into "battle mode" to counter trade barriers put up by the United States.…

1 day ago Famous con man turned cybersecurity expert urges credit freezing

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Con man turned Leonardo DiCaprio movie character turned cybersecurity expert, Frank Abagnale, talks with TechRepublic's Karen Roby about the steps people can take to protect their identity.

Latest News

1 hour ago Disgruntled bug-hunter drops Steam zero-day to get back at Valve for refusing him a bounty

The Register View Synopsis+1
EoP bug now free for the world to see after bounty was rejected

A security bod angry at Valve's handling of bug reports has released a zero-day vulnerability affecting the games giant's flagship Steam app.…

1 hour ago AMEO 'concerned' about nation-state attacks on power grids

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Distributed energy resources such a rooftop solar will create 'a fairly wicked supply chain issue'. How will the sector address organisation culture issues as IT and operational technology are merged?

5 hours ago Ready or Not, Here Comes FIDO: How to Prepare for Success

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Planning and Preparation Are Key to Successfully Adopting FIDO Standards for "Simpler, Stronger Authentication"

6 hours ago Amazon, Microsoft, May be Putting World at Risk of Killer AI, Says Report

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies that could spearhead a global AI arms race, according to a report that surveyed major players from the sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons.

6 hours ago The Joy of Six... critical security patches: Cisco small biz switches open to hijacking via web UI

The Register View Synopsis+1
Plus UCS and more gear needs update: Turn it on, download these fixes, crank it up - and rip the KNOB off

Cisco has emitted a fresh round of software updates to address security holes in its network switches and controllers.…

7 hours ago A botnet has been cannibalizing other hackers' web shells for more than a year

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Neutrino botnet is hijacking servers by taking over other hackers' PHP and Java web shells.

8 hours ago Finally. Thanks so much, nerds. Google, Apple, Mozilla end government* internet spying for good

The Register View Synopsis+1
* Terms and conditions apply. Offer not valid outside Kazakhstan. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments

On Wednesday, Google, Apple, and Mozilla said their web browsers will block the Kazakhstan root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate - following reports that ISPs in the country have required customers to install a government-issued certificate that enables online spying.…

11 hours ago Why Did Federal Agencies See Fewer Breaches in 2018?

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
White House Report: No 'Major' Breaches Reported; Incidents Down 12 PercentFederal government agencies experienced 12 percent fewer cyber incidents in 2018, when there were no "major" data breaches, according to a new White House report. But the report notes there's still plenty of risk mitigation work to be done.