Date Author Title
2022-11-04Xavier MertensRemcos Downloader with Unicode Obfuscation
2022-09-25Didier StevensDownloading Samples From Takendown Domains
2022-03-24Xavier MertensMalware Delivered Through Free Sharing Tool
2022-02-11Xavier MertensCinaRAT Delivered Through HTML ID Attributes
2021-11-19Xavier MertensDownloader Disguised as Excel Add-In (XLL)
2019-12-05Jan KoprivaE-mail from Agent Tesla
2019-11-08Xavier MertensMicrosoft Apps Diverted from Their Main Use
2019-07-02Xavier MertensMalicious Script With Multiple Payloads
2018-01-26Xavier MertensInvestigating Microsoft BITS Activity
2014-02-05Johannes UllrichTo Merrillville or Sochi: How Dangerous is it to travel?
2010-03-24Johannes Ullrich".sys" Directories Delivering Driveby Downloads