Date Author Title
2023-08-22Xavier MertensHave You Ever Heard of the Fernet Encryption Algorithm?
2021-07-14Jan KoprivaOne way to fail at malspam - give recipients the wrong password for an encrypted attachment
2020-12-19Guy BruneauSecure Communication using TLS in Elasticsearch
2020-11-30Didier StevensDecrypting PowerShell Payloads (video)
2019-09-22Didier StevensVideo: Encrypted Sextortion PDFs
2019-09-16Didier StevensEncrypted Sextortion PDFs
2019-04-13Johannes UllrichConfiguring MTA-STS and TLS Reporting For Your Domain
2019-03-25Didier Stevens"VelvetSweatshop" Maldocs: Shellcode Analysis
2019-03-23Didier Stevens"VelvetSweatshop" Maldocs
2018-07-24Tom WebbCell Phone Monitoring. Who is Watching the Watchers?
2018-06-17Didier StevensEncrypted Office Documents
2018-05-16Mark HofmanEFAIL, a weakness in openPGP and S\MIME
2017-12-23Didier StevensEncrypted PDFs
2017-10-25Mark HofmanDUHK attack, continuing a week of named issues
2016-03-23Bojan ZdrnjaAbusing Oracles
2015-12-29Daniel WesemannNew Years Resolutions
2015-09-01Daniel WesemannEncryption of "data at rest" in servers
2015-02-11Johannes UllrichDid PCI Just Kill E-Commerce By Saying SSL is Not Sufficient For Payment Info ? (spoiler: TLS!=SSL)
2014-09-19Guy BruneauCipherShed Fork from TrueCrypt Project, Support Windows, Mac OS and Linux -
2013-09-09Johannes UllrichSSL is broken. So what?
2013-08-14Johannes UllrichImaging LUKS Encrypted Drives
2012-12-27John BambenekIt's 3pm 2 days after Christmas, do you know where your unmanaged SSH keys are?
2012-12-04Johannes UllrichWhere do your backup tapes go to die?
2012-07-18Rob VandenBrinkVote NO to Weak Encryption!
2011-07-30Deborah HaleData Encryption Ban? Really?
2010-06-29Johannes UllrichHow to be a better spy: Cyber security lessons from the recent russian spy arrests
2009-09-07Lorna HutchesonEncrypting Data