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Published: 2013-07-25
Last Updated: 2013-07-25 23:05:06 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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We are always trying to tweak the ISC website a bit to make it more useful. This week, we moved live a couple new features and are looking for feedback. Note that these features do require you to log in to take advantage of them.

- Our news page got reorganized again. I am not sure if we got it "right" yet, but I think it is now more useable. The goal is to allow users to "rank" news to make the feed overall more relevant. Once you are logged in, you will see a "+1" button to add your weight to an article.

- We made the diary comments a bit more interactive by integrating them with a forum to allow for threaded discussions / quotes and the like. There are now also some generic security categories for other discussions and a section to comment on current news.

For any feedback, please use the comment form.



Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
SANS Technology Institute

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2 comment(s)


I really like the new discussions forum which I think is a great addition to the site. I think you'll find that discussions/comments will be more active now. The news section is also a fantastic update, especially the ability to preview/read the article without having to visit the source site. And when you do visit the source site, the window is wide enough now to view it without having to scroll horizontally (as was the case yesterday I think).

Great update/refresh all around!
One suggestion: add search capability to the new forums (by content or alias).

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