IE7 to hit the streets -- Reloaded

Published: 2006-10-10
Last Updated: 2006-10-10 23:49:45 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 10)
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I have pulled the article in it's original form because of feedback.

Thanks to one of our readers that wrote in to tell us that IE7,  will be released this month via Automatic Update according to Microsoft's "IEBlog".  Take a risk assessment of your organization to decide if you should globally deploy the browser, taking into account the pros and the cons of the software.

If you can take this moment to try and move your organization to a different browsing platform for normal daily browsing, that may be something you want to look into.  We've said it before, and we'll say it again, diversity is good. 

Reader Dan writes in to tell us:
"You may also want to note that Firefox even has a plug-in available to open certain links in IE. This makes it even easier to follow your advice of only using IE when you absolutely must." --

Reader "Vision Jinx" writes in to tell us:
"I notice that IE View just opens the page in IE as a POP up type feature. IE Tabs ( actually will load a FF Tab that uses IE therefore no need for all them extra Windows, as it just uses a tab in Firefox."

Joel Esler
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