MS05-051 exploit info and rumors

Published: 2005-10-14
Last Updated: 2005-10-14 14:14:07 UTC
by Patrick Nolan (Version: 2)
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Patch yesterday folks. So far we're aware that an MS05-051 exploit is in the hands of immunitysec Canvas customers - "October 11, 2005: MS05-051 (MS DTC) Trigger for the bug in MS DTC on Windows 2000"

Correction, "Immunity chief executive Justine Aitel said the proof-of-concept has been released to IDS (intrusion detection companies) and larger penetrating testing firms......"

In addition we're seeing reports of non-specific exploit warnings from managed security service providers to their customers. And some rumors.

McAfee Vulnerability Information says that they have protection against exploits of MS Vulnerability MS05-051, "Entercept's Generic Buffer Overflow Protection protects against code execution that may result from exploiting this vulnerability."

ISS says they have protection out for an exploit, it's announcement is here.

NFR says they have protection out for an exploit. their announcement is here.

Here's some pre-vuln announcement facts, see the DShield data on Port 3372 scanning, ymmv.

We'll post anything else that's specific and critical when we get it.
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