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Adobe Updates Acrobat and Adobe Reader

Adobe has released APSB15-24 which addresses 56 vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-5583, CVE-2015-5586, CVE-2015-6683, CVE-2015-6684, CVE-2015-6685, CVE-2015-6686, CVE-2015-6687, CVE-2015-6688, CVE-2015-6689, CVE-2015-6690, CVE-2015-6691, CVE-2015-6692, CVE-2015-6693, CVE-2015-6694, CVE-2015-6695, CVE-2015-6696, CVE-2015-6697, CVE-2015-6698, CVE-2015-6699, CVE-2015-6700, CVE-2015-6701, CVE-2015-6702, CVE-2015-6703, CVE-2015-6704, CVE-2015-6705, CVE-2015-6706, CVE-2015-6707, CVE-2015-6708, CVE-2015-6709, CVE-2015-6710, CVE-2015-6711, CVE-2015-6712, CVE-2015-6713, CVE-2015-6714, CVE-2015-6715, CVE-2015-6716, CVE-2015-6717, CVE-2015-6718, CVE-2015-6719, CVE-2015-6720, CVE-2015-6721, CVE-2015-6722, CVE-2015-6723, CVE-2015-6724, CVE-2015-6725, CVE-2015-7614, CVE-2015-7615, CVE-2015-7616, CVE-2015-7617, CVE-2015-7618, CVE-2015-7619, CVE-2015-7620, CVE-2015-7621, CVE-2015-7622, CVE-2015-7623, CVE-2015-7624

Alex Stanford - GIAC GWEB & GSEC,
Research Operations Manager,
SANS Internet Storm Center

Alex Stanford

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Oct 13th 2015
Anybody notice when checking the flash version on adobe's site it reports the version as beta?

your computer has the latest Flash Player beta version installed. ( Your version19.0.0.207 Latest Version19.0.0.185 )

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MalwareBytes, among others, is reporting there is a new 0-day for Flash that effects even .207 (the latest as I write this).

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Quoting R:MalwareBytes, among others, is reporting there is a new 0-day for Flash that effects even .207 (the latest as I write this).

.226 is available as of sometime this morning.
There was talk of a release next week, so I'm wondering if they pushed it forward, or we'll have yet another version in a few days.

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