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SANS ISC: Cyber Security Awareness Tip #27: Online Games and Virtual Worlds SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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Cyber Security Awareness Tip #27: Online Games and Virtual Worlds

Today's Cyber Security Awareness tip is for Online Games and Virtual Worlds.


Quick story, then I want to hear your comments. 

I recently quit WoW (World of Warcraft for those of you that haven't used a computer in the past couple years ;).  Just didn't have enough time.  Spent awhile getting my character (Human Warlock) up to level 70, and found out, that basically..  I just spent the whole time getting /ready/ to play the game.  The game doesn't start until you hit the highest level.  Then it's all about honor, keys, and instances.   WoW in particular, like alot of online MMORPG's, consumes a lot of free time.  I recently watched a CSI: NY where half the story took place inside of "Second Life" and the other half took place in "Real Life"  (or RL).  This raises security implications and personality implications.


What happens when what you do at home (in the game), comes out to real life?  What about the other way around?


Like to hear what you guys have to say!  Write into us here at the Storm Center at the Contact Link at the top or the bottom of the page.

(I also installed OSX Leopard yesterday, and will be posting some thoughts about that a bit later, stay tuned, I'm still playing)

Joel Esler


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Oct 27th 2007

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