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DHS "Spam" List

The US Department of Homeland Security sends out a daily Open Source Intelligence Report to a subscription list of hundreds, perhaps thousands of recipients.  This morning a reader replied to the list address with a request for a change and his note got re-sent to all of the list subscribers.  In the next hour or so, dozens of readers have replied, creating a mini-DDoS of sorts to the subscriber's inboxes.  This points out an important point - if you maintain a broadcast mailing list make sure that the address will not reflect email from sources other than the owner of the list.  Otherwise, you will become a training example for SANS.

While this is not a Cyber Security Awareness tip, it comes mighty close.

(DHS has been notified.)

Marcus H. Sachs
Director, SANS Internet Storm Center


301 Posts
ISC Handler
Oct 3rd 2007

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