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Dshield down, Sun releases Solaris 10, Bots new?, Some links, Vuln in Skype

RAID doesn't always save your bacon.

A major disk failure has taken Dshield offline. Estimated time to repair may be as late as Tuesday 16 November 2004.

Are bots new?

A reader commented that IRC bots are not necessarily a new thing. Botnets, using encryption, DoS tools, a variety of infection vectors , etc... have all been around for a while. This certainly is true, however they are one of the more significant threats on the malware front these days. Perhaps the recent attention is simply media hype, or in my opinion the scale in which they are being seen is much larger than ever before and therefore warrant more attention. There isn't anything new under the sun, but they aren't going away any time soon.

Sun releases Solaris 10.

For more information:

Some web links.

Feel free to submit your favourites.
Some links I check every day, in no particular order and not categorized:
(Submitted by a reader.)

Vulnerability in Skype.

A buffer overflow vulnerability has been reported in Skype for Windows versions prior to It is recommended to upgrade to the non- vulnerable version.

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