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Got PushDo SSL packets?

Steven Adair over at ShadowServer has posted a blog entry about the strange going's on with the PushDo botnet. There has been a large rise in the detection of SSL packets hitting a number of domains, included.

If you are the admin of one of these 315 sites and you can grab some of these packets in a pcap and your willing to share, can you upload them via our contact form so that we can compare with what we are seeing.

Have a good weekend.

Steve Hall
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Has anyone bothered to correlate any similarities in the targets? For example are they running the same server or proxy or the same version of OpenSSL, etc.?
-Manichattan II

Maybe this is really a DDOS, since SSL handshake is more CPU intensive than a simple HTTP request. Question is: why waste so many bots for attacking so many different targets?


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