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IE vs. FF

No, I'm not restarting the browser wars. They have been fought and lost.

Let's look at a recently published exploit though:

When Firefox installs on windows, it installs itself as a URL handler. In pseudo code the handler that is added looks like:

FIREFOX.EXE -option "%1"  -option

Now what happens if  %1 contains a double quote?
Right, the attacker gets acces to the command line.

So where does IE come into play against Firefox ?
Firefox seems to prevent access to the command line, but IE happily calls the URL handler and as such provides a path to the command line via the handler installed by Firefox.

As a result the IE user on a machine that has Firefox installed is at risk.

A workaround is to remove the URL handlers installed by Firefox from the registry. I'm sure the developers of Firefox can undo the damage done to systems in a next patch.

This however goes to show that even unused but installed client programs might be a threat on your client system. Hence you need to take care of vulnerabilties in software that you don't even use.

Swa Frantzen -- NET2S


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Jul 10th 2007

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