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MS Windows 2003 SP2

Looking deeper into the security aspects of Windows 2003 SP2, we received a list of known CVEs that are supposed to be fixed in SP2 for Windows 2003:

CVE name Affected Reference
CVE-2006-5578 MSIE 6 MS06-072
CVE-2006-3443 Winlogon MS06-051
CVE-2006-3281 MSIE 6 MS06-045
CVE-2006-2385 MSIE MS06-021
CVE-2006-2379 TCP/IP stack MS06-032
CVE-2006-2375 ? ?
CVE-2006-2218 MSIE 6 MS06-021
CVE-2006-1388 MSIE 6 MS06-013
CVE-2006-1315 Server Service MS06-035
CVE-2006-1313 Microsoft JScript MS06-023
CVE-2006-1192 MSIE MS06-013
CVE-2006-0026 IIS MS06-034
CVE-2006-0021 TCP/IP stack MS06-007
CVE-2006-0006 Media player MS06-005
CVE-2005-4089 MSIE MS06-021
CVE-2005-3240 MSIE race condition MSRC blog
CVE-2005-2388 USB driver ?
CAN-2006-1626 MSIE MS06-021
CAN-2005-2129 ? ?
CAN-2005-2123 WMF MS05-053
CAN-2005-0944 Jet DB CERT vuln id 176380
CAN-2005-0803 EMF MS05-053
CAN-2005-0109 Hyperthreading support CERT vuln id 911878
CAN-2004-1331 MSIE CERT vuln id 743974
CAN-2004-1173 MSIE ?
CAN-2004-1060 TCP/IP stack MS05-019

There are a number of interesting things in here for sure.

Swa Frantzen -- NET2S


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Mar 15th 2007

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