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MSIE: One patched, one pops up again (setslice)
If you remember the month of browser bugs series of exploits back in July, there was a denial of service there that appears to have code execution after all. Coincidence or not, it got publicly released after the out of cycle Microsoft patch for MSIE.

So: No, surfing with MSIE is still not safe.



  • Use an alternate browser (yeah, we sound like a broken record). But diversity really helps make the bad guys' job harder.
  • Disable ActiveX (take care: windowsupdate needs it, so you need to trust those sites)
  • Set the killbit:
    [unconfirmed at this point it's the right killbit, so proceed with caution]
  • Keep antivirus signatures up to date.
  • Keep an eye out for a patch from Microsoft.
  • ...
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