McAfee DAT troubles

Thanks to reader Dan for sharing the following information:

McAfee has confirmed that incremental DAT 6682 may trigger message scan failures and a system crash in GroupShield Exchange (MSME), GroupShield Domino, and McAfee Email Gateway 7 (MEG).  McAfee recommends that customers do NOT upload DAT 6682.
More information will be available on the McAfee KnowledgeBase ( in article KB70380 ( Please check back to this KB article for further updates.


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Apr 16th 2012
Axway spammed me all day because of this. It's causing their email security products to fail and queue email.
This appears to be a big issue, all of our email is scanned by McAfee as well

thanks for the Heads Up,

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6683 has been released. You will want to update your dat files now.

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