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SANS ISC: Port 554 increase, Solar flare activity continues SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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Port 554 increase, Solar flare activity continues
Port 554

Over the last few days we observe a small but significant increase in the
number of sources scanning port 554.

This port is used by the "Real Time Stream Control Protocol" (rtsp). RTSP one of the protocols used to stream audio suing a 'Realserver' (Real Audio). Late last
year, a buffer overflow was found in Real Server, which can be triggered via invalid RTSP data: . This flaw has been exploited widely in the past and an exploit has been available for several months.

Solar Flare Activity

Yet another large solar flare erupted earlier today. Like last weekend, the solar flare ejected a large amount of charged particles, which may interfere with communications later this week. For current space weather reports, see .

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Oct 29th 2003

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