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As handlers we tend to have a tiny stubborn streak, no really, we are, just ask our respective partners, they’ll confirm it.   So in the fine tradition of "I wonder what else is going on" I dug a little bit further. 

The more I looked the more familiar it seemed.  Remember the Super Bowl infection back in February?  Mass defacement, using SQL Injection, downloading a file (although almost everything does that nowadays),  script is #.js, etc.   It all sounded a bit the same.  So was there a link?

Seems there might be at that.   There are various sites that will let you have a look and see what other sites are or were hosted on a particular IP address.  The address that points at shows that other web sites hosted on the same server as are:

  • ·
  • ·
  • ·

A quick google will show you that  and  were used in the Super Bowl defacements.  The warcraft site might be legit, but so far it is three against one on the server. 

When you look at the title of the site you will find a reference to the domain (remember ANI?)

Following the yellow brick road on  you end up adding to the counter hosted in the domain, strangely familiar from both the Super Bowl and ANI issues earlier this year.    So it would seem that there may be a link.

The good news so far is that the executable being downloaded seems to be detected by most AV products.  The sad news is that when I checked the other day the number of infected sites was about 30K and now about 52K sites.

If you use URL blockers in your organisation, then you may want to block the four domains and your users will be protected for at least the next little while.


Mark  H - Shearwater


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Nov 9th 2007

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