Date Author Title
2024-01-24Johannes UllrichHow Bad User Interfaces Make Security Tools Harmful
2023-08-16Yee Ching TokA Gentle Reminder: The Evolving Nature of Digital Scams
2023-01-15Johannes UllrichElon Musk Themed Crypto Scams Flooding YouTube Today
2022-11-19Guy BruneauMcAfee Fake Antivirus Phishing Campaign is Back!
2022-03-29Johannes UllrichMore Fake/Typosquatting Twitter Accounts Asking for Ukraine Crytocurrency Donations
2022-03-07Johannes UllrichNo Bitcoin - No Problem: Follow Up to Last Weeks Donation Scam
2022-03-04Johannes UllrichScam E-Mail Impersonating Red Cross
2021-02-26Guy BruneauPretending to be an Outlook Version Update
2020-12-17Daniel Wesemann"Amazon" invoice that asks to call 1-866-335-0659 "to cancel" an order that you never made is (obviously) a #scam
2020-06-16Johannes UllrichOdd "Protest" Spam (Scam?) Targeting Atlanta Police Foundation
2020-02-25Jan KoprivaQuick look at a couple of current online scam campaigns
2019-11-09Guy BruneauFake Netflix Update Request by Text
2019-01-02Lorna HutchesonGift Card Scams on the rise
2018-12-09Johannes UllrichArrest of Huawei CFO Inspires Advance Fee Scam
2017-12-18Didier StevensPhish or scam? - Part 2
2017-12-17Didier StevensPhish or scam? - Part 1
2017-08-24Bojan ZdrnjaFree Bitcoins? Why not?
2017-07-30Guy BruneauText Banking Scams
2017-07-24Renato MarinhoUber drivers new threat: the "passenger"
2017-06-15Bojan ZdrnjaUberscammers
2016-08-01Daniel WesemannAre you getting I-CANNED ?
2016-07-08Mark HofmanMalware being distributed pretending to be from AU Fedcourts
2015-09-08Lenny ZeltserA Close Look at PayPal Overpayment Scams That Target Craigslist Sellers
2015-04-28Daniel WesemannScammy Nepal earthquake donation requests
2014-01-08Kevin ShorttIntercepted Email Attempts to Steal Payments
2013-12-24Daniel WesemannMr Jones wants you to appear in court!
2013-12-23Daniel WesemannCostco, BestBuy, Walmart really want to send you a package!
2013-12-21Daniel WesemannAdobe phishing underway
2013-10-02John BambenekObamacare related domain registration spike, Government shutdown domain registration beginning
2013-07-13Lenny ZeltserDecoy Personas for Safeguarding Online Identity Using Deception
2013-05-21Adrien de BeaupreMoore, Oklahoma tornado charitable organization scams, malware, and phishing
2013-04-17John BambenekUPDATEDx1: Boston-Related Malware Campaigns Have Begun - Now with Waco Plant Explosion Fun
2013-04-10Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezMassive Google scam sent by email to Colombian domains
2012-12-06Daniel WesemannFake tech support calls - revisited
2012-12-06Daniel WesemannRich Quick Make Money!
2012-10-10Kevin ShorttFacebook Scam Spam
2012-03-30Daniel WesemannFake tech reps calling
2012-03-13Lenny ZeltserPlease transfer this email to your CEO or appropriate person, thanks
2011-12-12Daniel WesemannYou won 100$ or a free iPad!
2011-11-16Adrien de BeaupreGET BACK TO ME ASAP
2011-10-19Johannes UllrichHouse for rent! Observing an Overpayment Scam
2011-05-23Mark HofmanMicrosoft Support Scam (again)
2011-05-10Swa FrantzenChanging MO in scamming our users ?
2011-01-10Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezFacebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages
2010-12-23Mark HofmanOlder AV Scam Active again.
2010-12-01Deborah HaleA Gentle Reminder - It is that time of year again
2010-06-21Adrien de BeaupreGoDaddy Scam/Phish/Spam
2010-05-23Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaeze-mail scam announcing Fidel Castro's funeral ... and nasty malware to your computer.
2010-05-15Deborah HalePhony Phone Scam
2010-03-01Mark HofmanAS/NZ "Online Offensive - Fight fraud online" week March 1-7
2009-10-19Daniel WesemannScam Email
2009-09-22Jason LamESTA scam
2008-11-29Pedro BuenoPossible Mumbai Scams?
2008-06-13Johannes UllrichFloods: More of the same (2)
2008-05-26Marcus SachsPredictable Response
2008-05-19Maarten Van HorenbeeckText message and telephone aid scams
2008-05-17Jim ClausingDisaster donation scams continue