Circa 2007 Linux Kernel Vulnerability Resurfaces (Was CVE-2007-4573, Now CVE-2010-3301)

Several of our readers sent us a heads up about a Linux kernel vulnerability which was previously patched, but has
leaked back into the kernel.
The vulnerability exists in the 32-bit compatibility mode of the kernel and upon execution can result in a local root

The Heise security team reportedly obtained a root shell on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 using this exploit.

The current workaround involves temporarily disabling the execution of 32-bit applications (See Full-Disclosure and the Redhat article below for details)

Reportedly all current Linux kernels are affected (patch is in the works) as well as backported kernels from vendors like Redhat.

@benhawkes (Deserves the credit for discovering this re-emergence. Not linking as exploit code is provided) (German)

Thanks to Jens Hektor and Dave for bringing this to our attention.

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Sep 17th 2010
Credits should go to the people from CERN who reported that to the colleagues of our HPC system.

And: I guess CVE-2010-3301 is a typo should read CVE-2010-3081

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